A snapshot of saved changes in a project across all of its branches.
Someone who has contributed to a project either by committing or by having a pull request merged.
Collections of projects grouped into general technology categories.
A personal copy of another user's project which allows you to make changes without affecting the original project. Forks remain attached to the original project, allowing you to submit a pull request to the original author to incorporate your changes.
Programming languages are based on the repository language classification used by GH Torrent and GitHub which includes frameworks and tools that are not formal programming languages (e.g., Jupyter Notebook, Smarty).
open source software
Software that is freely available for anyone to use, modify, and share.
pull request
Proposed changes to a project submitted by a user and accepted or rejected by a project's collaborators.
The collection of files (including documentation) and associated revision history that make up a software repository.
Subnational division of land, such as a city or province.
An indication that a user likes a project.
unknown contributor
Users whose account information is no longer available.
The number of bytes of a given programming language divided by the total number of projects in that language.