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Stars over time for Python compared with Javascript, Java, and GO


Machine learning has the most code written in Python at 5GB (as of Q1 2019), followed by artificial intelligence (4GB) and text analytics (2GB).

Top 3 bytes:

  1. machine learning: 5GB bytes
  2. artificial intelligence: 4GB bytes
  3. text analytics: 2GB bytes

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domains with the most code written in python

domains with the most code written in javascript


Top 5 commits:

  1. Unknown contributor: 312k commits
  2. pyup-bot: 120k commits
  3. Unknown contributor: 64.4k commits
  4. chaintip: 63.6k commits
  5. translatewiki: 59.7k commits

Unknown contributor had the most commits written in Python at 312,122 (as of Q1 2019), followed by pyup-bot (119,714) and Unknown contributor (64,356).

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Wikimedia / mediawiki-extensions has the most commits among projects primarily written in Python at 238,992 (as of Q1 2019), followed by dimagi / commcare-hq (165,973) and edx / edx-platform (165,032).

Top 3 commits:

  1. wikimedia / mediawiki-extensions: 239k commits
  2. dimagi / commcare-hq: 166k commits
  3. edx / edx-platform: 165k commits

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projects with largest number of commits written in python

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the Netherlands wrote the most bytes in python at 13.9% (as of Q1 2019), followed by Greece (10%) and Belgium (7.3%).

NOTE: excluding countries with fewer than 100 projects

Top 3 Percentage of Bytes:

  1. Netherlands: 13.9% Percentage of Bytes
  2. Greece: 10% Percentage of Bytes
  3. Belgium: 7.3% Percentage of Bytes

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Percentage of Bytes in python by country

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