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Stars over time for R compared with Javascript, Python, and Java


Machine learning has the most code written in R at 90MB (as of Q1 2019), followed by data visualization (44MB) and artificial intelligence (16MB).

Top 3 bytes:

  1. machine learning: 90MB bytes
  2. data visualization: 44MB bytes
  3. artificial intelligence: 16MB bytes

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domains with the most code written in r

domains with the most code written in javascript


Top 5 commits:

  1. hadley: 18.7k commits
  2. rich-iannone: 13.7k commits
  3. krlmlr: 12.9k commits
  4. sckott: 12.4k commits
  5. yihui: 11.9k commits

Hadley had the most commits written in R at 18,653 (as of Q1 2019), followed by rich-iannone (13,668) and krlmlr (12,929).

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Cxxr-devel / cxxr has the most commits among projects primarily written in R at 44,609 (as of Q1 2019), followed by wch / r-source (20,610) and PecanProject / pecan (13,070).

Top 3 commits:

  1. cxxr-devel / cxxr: 44.6k commits
  2. wch / r-source: 20.6k commits
  3. PecanProject / pecan: 13.1k commits

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projects with largest number of commits written in r

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the United States wrote the most bytes in r at 0.14% (as of Q1 2019), followed by Australia (0.14%) and Canada (0.12%).

NOTE: excluding countries with fewer than 100 projects

Top 3 Percentage of Bytes:

  1. United States: 0.14% Percentage of Bytes
  2. Australia: 0.14% Percentage of Bytes
  3. Canada: 0.12% Percentage of Bytes

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Percentage of Bytes in r by country

Percentage of Bytes in javascript by country