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Stars over time for Typescript compared with Javascript, Python, and Java


Web development has the most code written in Typescript at 1GB (as of Q1 2019), followed by mobile development (160MB) and blockchain (151MB).

Top 3 bytes:

  1. web development: 1GB bytes
  2. mobile development: 160MB bytes
  3. blockchain: 151MB bytes

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domains with the most code written in typescript

domains with the most code written in javascript


Top 5 commits:

  1. renovate-bot: 114k commits
  2. Unknown contributor: 33.1k commits
  3. greenkeeperio-bot: 30.7k commits
  4. Syuilo: 21.5k commits
  5. pelikhan: 16.9k commits

Renovate-bot had the most commits written in Typescript at 114,156 (as of Q1 2019), followed by Unknown contributor (33,063) and greenkeeperio-bot (30,725).

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DefinitelyTyped / DefinitelyTyped has the most commits among projects primarily written in Typescript at 53,657 (as of Q1 2019), followed by Microsoft / vscode (53,144) and Microsoft / TypeScript (40,486).

Top 3 commits:

  1. DefinitelyTyped / DefinitelyTyped: 53.7k commits
  2. Microsoft / vscode: 53.1k commits
  3. Microsoft / TypeScript: 40.5k commits

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projects with largest number of commits written in typescript

projects with largest number of commits written in javascript


the United States wrote the most bytes in typescript at 0.75% (as of Q1 2019), followed by Canada (0.66%) and Brazil (0.61%).

NOTE: excluding countries with fewer than 100 projects

Top 3 Percentage of Bytes:

  1. United States: 0.75% Percentage of Bytes
  2. Canada: 0.66% Percentage of Bytes
  3. Brazil: 0.61% Percentage of Bytes

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Percentage of Bytes in typescript by country

Percentage of Bytes in javascript by country