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Currently showing stars over time for the United States compared with China, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

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Commits by domain

Top 15 domains commits:

  1. mobile development: 1.81M commits
  2. web development: 1.53M commits
  3. microservices: 723k commits
  4. cloud: 705k commits
  5. machine learning: 657k commits
  6. blockchain: 495k commits
  7. artificial intelligence: 360k commits
  8. data visualization: 311k commits
  9. text analytics: 204k commits
  10. internet of things: 191k commits
  11. cyber security: 173k commits
  12. physical robotics: 110k commits
  13. serverless computing: 104k commits
  14. augmented/virtual reality: 37.2k commits
  15. quantum computing: 4.07k commits

Mobile development had the most United States commits at 1,811,007 (as of Q1 2019), followed by Web development (1,534,544) and Microservices (722,664).

United States


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Projects by domain

Top 15 domains projects:

  1. Mobile Development: 10.6k projects
  2. Web Development: 7.95k projects
  3. Machine Learning: 3.43k projects
  4. Cloud: 3.17k projects
  5. Artificial Intelligence: 2.35k projects
  6. Microservices: 1.59k projects
  7. Internet of Things: 1.54k projects
  8. Text Analytics: 1.54k projects
  9. Data Visualization: 1.27k projects
  10. Blockchain: 1.15k projects
  11. Cyber Security: 1.09k projects
  12. Physical Robotics: 926 projects
  13. Serverless Computing: 807 projects
  14. Augmented/Virtual Reality: 316 projects
  15. Quantum Computing: 21 projects

Mobile development had the most United States projects at 10,631 (as of Q1 2019), followed by Web development (7,950) and Machine learning (3,429).

United States


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Contributors by domain

Top 15 domains contributors:

  1. Mobile Development: 41.6k contributors
  2. Web Development: 35.8k contributors
  3. Cloud: 18.2k contributors
  4. Machine Learning: 13.3k contributors
  5. Microservices: 11.8k contributors
  6. Data Visualization: 6.99k contributors
  7. Internet of Things: 6.67k contributors
  8. Artificial Intelligence: 6.38k contributors
  9. Text Analytics: 5.91k contributors
  10. Blockchain: 5.85k contributors
  11. Cyber Security: 5.76k contributors
  12. Serverless Computing: 3.67k contributors
  13. Physical Robotics: 2.79k contributors
  14. Augmented/Virtual Reality: 1.03k contributors
  15. Quantum Computing: 150 contributors

Mobile development had the most United States contributors at 41,570 (as of Q1 2019), followed by Web development (35,762) and Cloud (18,199).

United States


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Regions in the United States

Top 3 regions growth:

  1. Dallas County, Texas, US: 19.7% growth
  2. Middlesex County, New Jersey, US: 18.9% growth
  3. Labette County, Kansas, US: 10.7% growth

Dallas County, Texas, US had the largest growth at 19.7% (Q4 2018 – Q1 2019), followed by Middlesex County, New Jersey, US (18.9%) and Labette County, Kansas, US (10.7%).

NOTE: excluding regions with fewer than 5000 commits

Regions by growth in commits

Languages in the United States

C had the most bytes written in the United States at 86GB (as of Q1 2019), followed by c++ (27GB) and html (27GB).

Top 3 bytes:

  1. c: 86GB bytes (33.6%)
  2. c++: 27GB bytes (10.7%)
  3. html: 27GB bytes (10.4%)

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